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From The Desk Of: Prof. E Kadembo & Yeukai Kajidori

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Do You Want To Get Insights On How To Best Utilise Latest Technology To Market Your Business, Know were to get funding for your business or findout about the latest Investment opportunities? 

London Strategy and Marketing Indaba for Maximising Potential 

If you want to Position yourself for success & Increase your Market Share, Get the opportunity to be mentored by Top Industry Leaders, and even Access Readily Available Business to roll Out... then this is the most important Executive Business Event you'll read about all year! 

Indaba Event is an amazing new Executive Business Event from Strategy, Marketing & Change Expert Prof E Kadembo that helps every Entrepreneur with how to succeed in today's current Market. 

And, as a special bonus, you'll also discover How to structure your Business for success! In fact, here's just the tip of the iceberg of what you can expect from this amazing new Executive Business Event: 

Strategy & Marketing Think Tank Forum 

  • What every Entrepreneur needs to know about Mindset Change: The first step to long lasting success 
  • The Real Secret for how to succeed in today's current Market. 
  • See how you can easily Position yourself for success & Increase your Market Share (so you don't have to deal with Information Overload). 
  • How every Entrepreneur can quickly Get the opportunity to be mentored by Top Industry Leaders... so you can completely avoid suffering from lack of proven direction to take. 
  • Effortlessly Access Readily Available Business to roll Out (so you can breeze right by failing to make enough sales). 
  • Short and long-term solutions for how you can Step by Step process to program your mind for success- Big ROI. 
  • Rapidly Leverage the Network of Professionals and Leaders at the event (so you can make struggling to build your brand a thing of the past). 
  • Quickly Get the Opportunity to be mentored by Proven Outstanding business Leaders of our time (so you Get Insights on how to best utilise latest Technology to market your business). 
  • Learn Sales from Masters of Influence, Nothing happens until you learn to sell... which means you never again have to experience struggling to enter in to new market. 
  • And, as a special bonus, you'll also discover How to structure your Business for success! 
  • ... and much, MUCH More! 

Now that's a tall promise and at this point you may be wondering... 

Who Is Prof. Kadembo And Why Should I Listen To Him?

Prof. E. Kadembo is an expert in Strategy, Marketing & Change whose accomplishments include: 

Education: Phd (Marketing & Branding) and is a Lecturer for Branding at a prestigious University in England  

Work History: 

  • Have worked with more than 200 organisations in training and consultancy both Large & Small 
  • Worked with over 40 Academic Institutes in the last 30 years 
  • Currently working with 5 Prestigious Universities in UK
  • Uk's Leading Branding Expert 

Areas of expertise include 

  • Strategic, Marketing, Quality, 
  • Organisational Change, 
  •  Customer Service, 
  • Purchasing, Production and Operations Systems, 
  • International Business and Business Development 

Media Appearence Awards 

  • Holder of a PhD from the University of Huddersfield. Professor, Business, Story Branding. 
  • Have been leader of a number programmes including founding vice president of Southern Africa Institute of Marketing, Committee member for Zimbabwe Institute of Purchasing. 
  • Dr Kadembo - Author of 5 books which include – Story it! Brand it! Sell it!; Effective Prayers for Extraordinary Results; You can do the impossible with God 
  • Held a successful Event in Harare just a few months ago- An Outstanding track record 
  • He is a catalyst for change

Not only that, we are bringing 12 other Successful industry leaders to the event to help you succeed and make 2017 the Best Year Ever. Network with successful people and set yourself up for Success!

Here is a List of our Trainers, The Mayor of Dartford Cllr John Burrell and Mayoress Mrs. Eija Burrell, Steve Laurence, Hon. Dr. Walter Mzembi (MP),David Smith,Dr. Shingi Munyeza, Dr. Obadiah Moyo, Dr. Sumesh Dawal, Dr. Doug Mamvura,Yeukai Kajidori Paxton Musukutwa,Christine Knott And many more.....

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